Mini Workshop in Journalism Class

Something different happened in News and Report Writing Class which is conducted by Sucipto, M.Pd., B.I., in room 2.1.402 in Campus 2 Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) on Tuesday, 18th December 2012. The class which was started at 16.10 to 17.50 was not lectured by Sucipto. The class which consists of 23 students of fifth semester of English Education Study Program (PBI) who are interested in journalistic was lectured by Sonny Irawan Putra and Sigit Siswanto.

Sonny and Sigit are the seventh semester students of PBI. They are also the students of Journalism Class 2009. They were invited to share about the process of making a bulletin by using software Corel Draw. The students were practicing by using their own laptop while Sonny was lecturing them. The students were very enthusiastic in the class since they didn’t really know and understand about the steps in making a bulletin with interesting appearances to attract the readers to read the bulletin. It was proved when they asked many things about the process to Sonny and Sigit.

The activity was held in the 13th meeting. In the end of the meeting, Sucipto asked the students to create their own bulletin based on their creativity. In the 14th meeting or the last meeting of News and Report Writing Class, there will be a workshop of photography with Dinda Ayu Lestari P., a fifth semester student of PBI. Sucipto expects that by joining these activities, workshop of the process of making a bulletin and workshop of photography, his students will be able to apply what they have got in journalistic. (Alin)

Alin’s Bulletin: Page 2


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