Workshop in the Road

The second mini workshop in News and Report Writing Class was workshop of photography with Dinda Ayu Lestari P., a fifth semester student of PBI. The workshop was carried out on Tuesday, 25th December 2012 in Campus 2 UAD at 12.00-15.00. For the students who couldn’t attend the workshop, they should have their own workshop with their own informant.

Marlin Dwinastiti—called Alin—had her own workshop of photography with Iqbal Ghofari. Iqbal is a third semester student of PBI. On Sunday, 6th January 2013, they and their 3 friends went to Malioboro and Solo Street to look for Batik’s textile and practice by using the camera at once. They were using DSLR Nikon which was borrowed from the Language Laboratorium of Campus 2 UAD.

Iqbal introduced the parts of the camera and told Alin how to use them. Alin tried to use and took pictures then. They were practicing at 12.30-16.00. (Alin)

Alin’s Bulletin: Page 3


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