Journalism Class: Small but Special

In PBI, there are two selective courses for the fifth semester students. They are Children Language Teaching Methodology (CLT Methodology) and News and Report Writing. CLT Methodology is a continuity of Children Language Acquisition (CLA), while News and Report Writing is a continuity of Introduction to Journalism in the fourth semester.

In the academic year 2012/2013, News and Report Writing Class is conducted by Sucipto, M.Pd., B.I. There are 23 students in his class. He lectured the students to make news which can attract the readers to read it. According to Marlin Dwinastiti, one of the students in his class, joining his class is always amazing. She said that Sucipto always gives her something new and also gives her challenges in every meeting.

Alin, as she is usually called, claimed that her writing ability increased during joining Journalism Class. She knew and understood what she didn’t know before. She knew how to make an interesting title for news and how to make news based on very simple event. She added that she had a lot of experiences during the class process. For instance, when she had to meet the informant, she had to be confident and polite. Her experiences in meeting new people in order to get information to create news are not usual experiences. Not all people want to run helter-skelter in getting new information, but she did it since she loves traveling and sightseeing.

“Journalism class is small but special,” she concluded. (Alin)

Alin’s Bulletin: Page 4


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