A Letter for My Thunder

Hey, how’s your life here? Here? Yeah, here. You’re here with me, but I can’t feel you’re here.

Okay, stop it! Everything’s good, right? I hope so….

Well, I don’t know whether you still “remember” me or not. It’s almost a year since I couldn’t “recognize” you as my thunder. And unfortunately, I can’t take this anymore! I’m so sorry, but I have to say this! There’s only a question that I want to ask you since you couldn’t come in my day.

“Am I still your best friend?”

I know that it’s a stupid question. And I’m pretty sure you’re getting confused about it. Be calm, I don’t need to know your answer. Why? Because you always answer my questions by doing, not telling. And I know your answer by seeing how you treat me recently. I can say you don’t treat me well now. It’s absolutely different when we met at the first time and became “best friends”. What’s going on? Did I make mistakes? Tell me….

I miss how you treat me well.

I miss how you give me small but meaningful attentions.

I miss your ears.

I miss your eyes.

I miss your words.

I miss your hands.

It really drives me crazy when we meet almost everyday but I still “miss” you.

Thunder, that’s how I often call you (in my heart). You’re still my best Thunder although I’m not your best Rain.

“Am I still your best friend?”

Someday, when you finally find my letter and read it, I don’t know whether I still miss you or not.

I miss you.


Since I “lost” the real you.

Since I couldn’t “recognize” you.








Yeah, I love you.


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