Dolly [English Version]

Marlin Dwinastiti’s Short Story

“Honey, you have had too many dolls,” that’s what Mama says when Selena starts to ask a new doll.

“But, please, Mama. This is the last time I ask you.” Selena hasn’t given up yet.

“You always say like that, Honey,” says Mama again.

“I promise, Mama. This is the last time I ask you. I also promise… I’ll throw Dolly away, Mama,” replies Selena.

Selena is moping around when Mama looks at her sadly. And, once again, Mama can’t push her beloved daughter’s wish away.

“Well, okay. Mama will buy this doll, but you have to throw Dolly away,” says Mama.

Selena blinks her eyes. A big bear in a shop window is on Selena’s hands now.

* * *

The intensity of the sun’s heat burns the people of the town’s head. This afternoon, the sun acts like it will revenge for yesterday it was rain all day long. Dolly walks along the roads of Boneka Town alone. He wipes off his sweat with his green handkerchief. Getting tired, he sits in a leafy park in the center of the town. The sound of water flowing in a small stream and the birds perching on the limb can a little bit comfort Dolly who is so sad.

Boneka Town, that’s how people call this town. It is so called since all of the people in this town are dolls. It is Dolly’s new house. The trash truck brought him here this morning. She was Selena, a blue-eyed girl who threw him away to trash bin. It was her promise to Mama after she got her big bear. It was not totally her wish to throw Dolly away, but she had already promised to Mama. Selena didn’t want to disappoint Mama, so she didn’t break her promise to Mama. For Mama, Dolly was only a worn-out doll which was not suitable to be in Selena’s room any longer. Well, Mama’s opinion was true. Dolly’s appearance is really bad to see. His shirt and his trousers are patched all over. The colors are not beautiful anymore. He had been sewed by Selena in his left cheek. Selena did it since Dolly’s left cheek was biten by Blacky, Selena’s dog.

“Hi!” A girl addresses Dolly, scattering Dolly’s daydream.

Dolly looks at a blonde-hair girl standing in front of him. She smiles to him. She’s so cute.

“I’m Lily,” she says while she extends her right hand. It is full of colorful bracelets.

Dolly and Lily are shaking hands each other.

“I’m Dolly,” says Dolly.

“Nice to meet you, Dolly.”

Dolly smiles.

“May I sit here, please?”

Dolly nods his head.

“Are you a new inhabitant in this town?” asks Lily.

“Yes,” replies Dolly.

“I have stayed here so long, Dolly,” says Lily.

Dolly frowns his forehead. I didn’t ask you, right?

“Ah, I forgot to ask your permission. Would you mind if you listen to my story, Dolly? Maybe my story will a little bit comfort you.”

Dolly doesn’t shake his head, nor nod.

“In the beginning, I didn’t want to be here. I was thrown away in a trash bin by a girl. She was beautiful. She was very very beautiful. She had blue eyes. You know what? Almost all of the girl in her town wanted to have blue eyes. She was so lucky since she had it. She had white skin like her mother. If she smiled, I think that all boys would be enchanted. She was so beautiful.

“In the beginning, she was so kind, but she became annoying day after day. When she got a new doll from her mother, she always threw the old dolls away. And, finally, it was my turn. She threw me away in a smelled-trash bin in front of her house. The next morning, a trash truck came and I finally was here, the Boneka Town.

“But now, I’m happy to be here. I’m thankful since I can find this beautiful place. I feel so comfort in every place in this town. The people are friendly and they are so pleasure. Are you getting confused? You didn’t ask me about my past but I told you so? Well, you don’t have to be confused. The people did the same as what I did just now. It made me happy to be here. I hope that you’ll be happy to be here, too, and we’ll be best friends.”

Lily stops for a while. She drinks a mineral water.

“You know what? Sometimes you have to be able to accept something that you don’t want.”

“How do you know that I’m not happy to be here?”

“Oh, come on! Almost all of the people in this town had ever felt a smelled-trash bin. We were neglected dolls who didn’t like this town in the beginning. But, finally we are happy when we finally realize that our life is here, not anywhere else.”


“It’s so simple and easy question. We can do what we want to do. We are not briedled anymore. We are not tortured by the human being anymore. Our hair is not cut or modified. We also can wear any dress.”

“But, I really love Selena.”


“Yeah, Selena. You know her?”

“Does she have blue eyes?”

“Yes. She’s so beautiful.”

“Of course I know! She was the girl throwing me away in trash bin.”


“Yeah,” says Lily.

“She also threw my best friends away,” says Lily again.

The cloudy suddenly comes, replacing the bright sunshine.

“I have to go home. It will rain in a minute. Bye!”

Dolly stares at Lily’s back which is disappear in a bend in the road.

“Selena? Did she throw Lily away? Just like what she did to me?

* * *

Selena is awakened at 2 a.m. She is breathing hard. Her sweat pours out. She was dreaming about Dolly. Without thinking any longer, she opens the blanket which covers her body and she goes on tiptoes. She opens the door and walks to the trash bin in front of her house.

“Dolly…Dolly…” She calls Dolly.

She is trying to look for Dolly in the trash bin. Nothing. She begins to cry.

“Dolly, please forgive me. I shouldn’t throw you away. I love you, Dolly…”



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