Soto Sampah, Bad Name for Amazing Taste!

Soto Sampah

Soto Sampah

Who doesn’t know soto? This Indonesian food can be easily found in almost in the whole of Indonesia. Soto Kudus, Soto Lamongan, Soto Sokaraja, Coto Makassar, etc. are absolutely familiar for us. What about Soto Sampah?

You will have your forehead wrinkled when you hear someone tells you about Soto Sampah for the first time. Soto Sampah isn’t different from other soto we have met before at first. Rice, bean sprouts, white noodle, and sauce. But, there’s no chicken or beef as usual. Soto Sampah has fat to replace the chicken or beef.

Although the name is absolutely bad for a name of food, the taste is so amazing. Only Rp 4.000,00, you will have a plate of Soto Sampah. It will be so delicious when you eat it in the night. You can have your side dishes like tempe mendoan, telur balado, perkedel, etc. without getting worry with your wallet. D’you wanna try? You can go to Tugu, go straight to the north, and you will find SPBU Kranggan. Soto Sampah is across SPBU Kranggan. You can go there anytime since it opens 24 hours.


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