#20FactsAboutMe Challenge

Just taken Mas Faisal’s #20FactsAboutMe Challenge on Facebook. Here we go! I…

  1. adore France,
  2. am addicted to banana, chocolate and ice cream,
  3. am addicted to books written by Tere Liye,
  4. am addicted to Boys Like Girls, Paramore, Simple Plan, Taylor Swift, and Westlife,
  5. am moody, sensitive, and talkative,
  6. am Pluviophile,
  7. don’t like being a teacher,
  8. don’t like watching movies but cartoon,
  9. feel uncomfortable with the fur of an animal,
  10. give up in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry,
  11. hate the chronology of an accident, the siren of ambulance and police’s car, the smell of hospital, and blood,
  12. hate watching the news programs,
  13. have unique date of birth (9-3-93),
  14. like blue and green,
  15. like doing anything in last minute,
  16. like fish and roses,
  17. love both sunrise and sunset,
  18. love eating but I can’t be fat, sleeping and traveling,
  19. love sneakers instead of flat shoes,
  20. speak both English and French (a lil).

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